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News from Room 5 Kea St

Room 5 Term 2.

Room 5 has had an awesome Term 2.


Ezekiel and Hekenuku have joined our class so now we have seven students.

We read some stories about the ANZACs and how our soldiers fought at Gallipoli in World War 1.

We read about “The ANZAC Tortoise”, “The ANZAC Puppy” and “The ANZAC Violin”.


We have continued our Health and P.E. theme and made our own delicious hamburgers. Ron brought his air fryer to class and we had some calamari (squid rings), they were yum! We also try to do our fitness every day, either going for a walk or riding the trikes. Sometimes we stay inside and do Zumba.


Early in the term we went to the Trees Trust for our annual Cross Country, that was fun.


We made our own volcano out of paper mache and made it erupt using baking soda and vinegar. We also made a BIG eruption outside with coca cola and mentos.

Room 5: Term 1

We have five students in Room 5 this term – Ben, Destiny, Justin, Ngawari and Carlos.

We have been working hard on our school wide theme of Physical Education and Health. We visited the Life Education van with Harold and Bernie. We loved the huge video screen which allowed us to see inside the human body.

We have been out nearly every day for our fitness, going for a walk, doing exercises or riding a tricycle.

We have visited the Library and love the renovated display areas, especially the tiered seating in the children’s section.

This term we have repainted a Room 5 Totem pole for the school garden. We chose the Winter Olympics as our theme. Everybody took part in painting it in yellow and black.

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