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This term we concentrated on Movement Concepts and Motor skills. Being involved with Kiwi Can again was a bonus for us.  Kiwi Can engages students, improves listening and communication skills, builds confidence, helps children to play cooperatively together and helps to work on behavioral issues and much more.  



We also had a brilliant and gorgeous day for our 'Fun Run'.  Lots of fun things to do for everyone.



This term we also enjoyed  music time with Jono and Kapa Haka with Aiden.


Term 2 2018:

As always, Term Two has been very busy.  We have the privilege of having our lovely vibrant Speech & Language Therapist, Alysa five times a fortnight.  


 We have also been busy with Art, using spray guns to create beautiful artwork.


 We always enjoy cooking as well.  We all like making different kinds of Toasted Sandwiches,  Yum!


We have had a great start to the year and would like to wish everyone a warm welcome back.

This year we will be focusing on Health & PE.  Already all our tamariki have shown awesome ball and batting skills.  Wow!

This term we will focus on Personal Health and Physical Development.  Learning about ourselves and setting challenges through Physical Education. Already we have been busy with activities such as P.E.  Improving our Ball skills and working together as a Team.

We thoroughly enjoyed our Annual Picnic at Boyes Beach.

Making play dough is one of our most favourite things to do as well as more sensory play with Shaving Cream and Goop!

We also have been enjoying cool activities with our newest Speech & Language Therapist Alysa Duda.  


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