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News from Malfroy Room 17

Room 17 Class News Term 2:

We have had a great term with lots of learning happening. Our class have been enjoying using large balls for PE. We are getting fitter with 

our daily runs across the field. And we went to the school cross country run at the tree trust. We are improving at communicating by using visuals 

to help us. 

1 We get ready for printing by practising following pathways on "Ready to Print" on the iPad.


2  Sometimes we enjoy dressing up as Pirates.

3 Jenna, Speech Language Therapist, visits to help us with  communication.


4 We had fun making spiders out of coloured paper.

5 Matthew holds up his spider.

6 Our spiders hanging by the window.

7 Jono brings his guitar for us to try strumming.

8 Working together playing the drums at music.

9 Playing on the Adventure Playground.

10 Trying to catch bubbles from the Fish Bubble maker.

11 Brigid, Occupational Therapist works with Vaelei.


12 Making pictures with sponge dot paints is fun.

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