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News from Room 1B

Room 1B at Base school has 6 students of mixed ethnicities. We have one
Classroom Teacher, Leandi and two Teacher Aides- Trace and Kerry. Mike
is our release teacher. Students enjoy te reo Māori with Matua Aiden and
music with Jono. We also have a team of specialists working closely with
us - Jenna is our Speech and Language Therapist and Michelle is our
Orientation and Mobility therapist.

All students have Individual Education Plans (IEPs) to cater for their
individual needs. The students are engaged through group and one on
one learning experiences.

Our aim is to make our children as independent as possible.

This Year we focus on ‘The Four Elements’. In Term One our topic is
‘Water’. In Term Two we learn about ‘Fire’. Term Three we cover ‘Wind’
and in Term Four we concentrate on ‘Earth’.

Opportunities are given for Community Integration through swimming,
Library visits, Polynesian Pools and going to the shops and parks nearby.

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