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Welcome to Room 15 @ Owhata Satellite Class

We have six awesome students in our class – five boys and one girl.  We have lots of space inside our classroom which is great because we have three students who use wheelchairs. Our teacher is Shelley and we have two teacher-aides who help look after us: Deena and Fiona.

We start each day with our morning programme on the Smartboard. We love this because we get to take turns, sing songs, improve our hand-eye coordination and our teacher and teacher-aides think we are making fantastic progress.

Our week includes taking part in a regular fitness programme, going on community walks, cooking, going to the Rotorua public library and swimming at the Aquatic Centre.  We also participate in the school assembly at Owhata Primary.

Most days we participate in a Sensory programme which involves learning through play.  We use playdough, slime, cloud dough and we have some kinetic sand to experiment with.  Our class has a dedicated dark room with lots of cool equipment including a square light that changes colour and a jiggly table that we use with special blocks. 

We are super lucky in Room 15 because we all have iPads to help us with our learning.  We are learning to write, read, do drawings, make music and improve our hand-eye coordination.  Our teacher and teacher-aides also make books, including photos, about our activities and achievements using Book Creator so that we can read all about ourselves!




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