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News from Malfroy Room 17

Term 2 2017:

At the beginning of Term 2 we welcomed a new student to our class, who moved to Rotorua from Taranaki.

We did lots of art and are learning different ways of using paint, on prints, stencils and with a brush.

At MIGs we improved at balancing and walking along the beams, climbing up and down ladders and using

the small tramps to jump on before jumping and landing on foam mats.

In Term 3 we are continuing our visits to MIGs to keep learning new skills and follow instructions.

We have new Fidgit Spinners that we can use when we have completed our work. We ask for the colour we want

- green, pink. blue, silver or gold.

Our class is practising our class item for the "Circus" School Production. Watch out for our clowns, dragon and snakes!

Our Topic this term is "Hatupatu and the Bird Woman", so we look forward to learning about what happened 

in the story. We will make artwork that illustrates the story.

At the end of Term 2 one of our students left our class as he moved to Tauranga.

1 Our wonderful Pirate Ship in the Playground.


2 Playing the Beetle game using core board visuals. Jenna, Speech Language Therapist is helping us.

3 Playing in the playground.

4 We enjoy using tiles and beads from the Numicon Maths equipment.

5 Jono plays his guitar for us at music time.

6 Jono lets Matthew play his guitar.

7 Who can spin their spinner the longest?

8 Jono gives Matthew some guitar playing advice.

Term 1 2017:

We have been learning about the local story of Hinemoa and Tutanekai. Some more of our art work about the story is displayed in the foyer at Kea Street Specialist School if you wish to view it.

We use visuals about the story to help the student's understanding and retelling of the story


Other art has been related to Maori designs. We used crayon and dye to make our designs.








Malfroy School has had four relocatable classrooms on site while building work has been completed on permanent classrooms.

The four classrooms and toilet blocks were removed last week by a big crane.

We enjoyed watching the workmen operate the crane and lift the buildings onto trucks. They were then driven to an Auckland school to be used.

We watched from the safety of our playground.


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