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News from Room 5

Term 3 2017

This term is flying by and we have lots on the go.

  A tui in the tree. 




We are busy preparing for the Circus Extravaganza on September 14th.

Our Myths and Legends theme this term is Hatupatu and The Bird Woman so we are busy making some wings for her and a rock for Hatupatu to hide in. We are covering it with paper mache.

Each week we try to get to the library where we like to look at the books, sit in the carved chair and sometimes bring a DVD back to class for a movie session. Destiny chose ‘The Jungle Book’, a story written by Rudyard Kipling.


We revisited the Lake Front and saw that the flooding has gone down. Ben looked at the bit of path that had been repaired. It looks good now.


We also went out to see how flooded Lake Okareka is and we stopped at the Air Stream café at the Blue Lake to have morning tea. Ron bought us some hot chips. They were yum!

Term 2 2017

 Term 2 was really busy for Room 5, with lots of interesting activities.

We got out and about in the community at least once a week. We visited the Lake Front and saw that the flooding was right over the footpath and at the eastern end it had eroded the pavers of the path. We also saw a big tree that had been blown over in a storm.


Term 2 always has the photographer visit to take our class photo. Ron brought his camera and tripod and we practised in our room and in the hall. On the day we got a really good photo.


Cathy came to Room 5 to do some art works. We really enjoyed them and made coloured plates with vivid markers, mosaic pictures and clay moulds.


In term 2 we took part in the Cross Country run/walk at the Tree Memorial park. It was a fine day and we enjoyed it.


We try to do P.E and fitness work every day. Sometimes we ride the trikes or go to the hall for P.M.P work where we practise our movement skills. We have an exercise cycle in the class room so sometimes it is fun to use that.


On June 6, 1886 Mt Tarawera erupted. Unfortunately the Rotorua Museum is closed so Ron showed us the painting of the eruption and we drove out to the buried village. We also practised our Earthquake drill where we “Drop, Cover, Hold”.


Our big chair was getting tatty so Ron gave it a makeover with leftover classroom floor vinyl from Shelley’s room. It is like sitting on a King’s throne.


Room 5: Term 1

Week 8 already, time flies when you are having fun!

Room 5 have just got a new student, Carlos, who has transferred to our class from Room 2. Welcome, Carlos.

We have been learning about the story of Hinemoa and Tutanekai. We looked on a map and found that Rotorua has streets named after both of them. We learned that Hinemoa swam across Lake Rotorua to Mokoia Island using gourds to stay afloat to be with Tutanekai. We made some paper mache gourds.

We have been working on our fitness by riding the tricycles and the exercycle. Well done, team!





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