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Term 3 2017 was packed with lots of fun things!

 One of our favourite activities at Owhata is Sensory Development.  Sometimes we play and experiment with water beads, sometimes we use playdough to create interesting things and sometimes we are able to get messy with GOOP and slime!  We also have cloud dough which is heaps of fun.


During Term 3 we went to the Rotorua Aquatic Centre for swimming.  We had fun splashing in the water, learning to float, kicking our legs and blowing bubbles.  Lots of us got water confidence and were able to put our heads under the water too.  Learning to swim is important because it can save our lives.


We love cooking in our classroom.  Some of our favourites this term were corn fritters, ham and corn savouries, fruit kebabs, pancakes and we made star shaped cheese on toast.  We used some of our bananas to make banana milkshakes which we love to have with our lunch.



One day we came into our classroom and Shelley had brought us in a tent!  We had lots of fun playing in the tent and so did some of the teddies and toys in our room.  We read books in the tent and sometimes we even did our work in the tent.  One day for art, we made a pretend campfire, which was super fun.


We had so much fun in the tent that our teacher and teacher-aides decided to have a camping week.  We did camping art, we made camp food and we sang camp songs.  We even shared one of our camping songs at our Kea Street assembly.


The highlight of the term was of course the Circus Production!  We practiced our item every day and made sure we knew what we were doing.  On the big day we all got dressed up into our costumes and put on face paint.  Everyone said we looked awesome!


Thanks so much for visiting us J


Term 2 2017

 Wow… what a busy term we’ve had at Owhata Satellite class!

 In June we had our school cross country at the Tree Trust.  We all did really well and our teacher and teacher-aides were so proud of us!


Cooking is one of our highlights during the week.  This term Shelley, our teacher, brought us all lovely yellow aprons for when we do cooking!  We used some of our fruit to make apples and custard for lunch one week and we also made ginger treacle spice loaf.  We had to measure, mix, stir and take turns to make the batter and the finished loaf was really delicious!  Shelley even brought in her special fancy mixer for us to use.


We were really lucky to have Harold and Bernie visit us from the Life Education Trust.  They helped teach us about healthy eating and looking after our bodies.  We loved our time in the Harold caravan too!


During our sensory development programme we have been having so much fun learning new things.  We were super lucky to be able to have a big water play tub during this term and we used it for slime, bath goo, and of course water play. 


PMP (Perceptual Motor Programme) is a lot of fun.  We learn things like how to balance, hop, jump, as well as counting, colours and following instructions.  Sometimes we go THROUGH things like a tunnel or OVER things like a beam… it’s just another way we learn about our bodies.


We have so much fun learning in Room 15 J

Term 1 2017:

Welcome to Term 1 at the Owhata Satellite class.

We have had a busy term packed with all sorts of interesting activities.  During Term 1 we have been learning about the legend of Hinemoa and Tutanekai.  We have heard the stories lots of times and sometimes we use dolls to role play the story which is lots of fun. 


This term we have been going to Flip Out each week and we have been enjoying bouncing on the big trampolines.  One of our favourite games is playing with the large bouncy balls on the trampolines.   

One morning before we went to Flip Out we were having morning tea in our classroom and all of a sudden there was a special visitor.  We don’t know where he came from but we were very excited to see him.  He was a frog and we named him Kevin.  Kevin spent all day with us and then after school our teacher, Shelley, took him to the Government Gardens and released him into one of the ponds. 


We are really lucky in our classroom to have a beautiful fish tank.  We have lots of fish friends called, Bob Marley, John Lennon, Paul, Ringo and George.  We also have a tank snail called Eric Clapton. 

Sensory Development is a favourite activity in our classroom.  We love trying out all the cool activities our teacher and teacher-aides make for us.  Sometimes we get to explore playing with GOOP and slime!  Sometimes we get to play with playdough.  One time our teacher made us Midnight Playdough that was really black and full of glitter!  Look at some of the cool things we make and do during Sensory Development.


Cooking is one of the highlights in our week.  We have made pikelets, macaroni cheese, corn fritters, scones, peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies, pizza, ham and egg savouries and this week we made cheese burgers… YUM! 


Our classroom is looking bright and colourful because we have done some lovely art projects.  We made gorgeous blue backgrounds using texture brushes for our Hinemoa art and some apple trees to go with one of our class poems.  We created some fabulous art with a pre-printed Maori design and some dye using watercolour techniques.  We have just finished some great art with Cynthia and last week some of us made colourful rainbows using our handprints. 



Thanks for visiting our class page… we hope you’ll come back and visit us again next term!

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