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News from Room 4


Term 4 20178:

Room 4 have been having fun, developing new skills and gaining confidence using PMP equipment.

Term 3 2017:

Room 4 have been having lots of fun working on IEP goals and activities. We also love our digital stories. This term we are learning about Tane and his Children and also about  Hatupatu and the Birdwoman. We enjoy our bird puppets and the sensory art and craft activities about birds and  backyard hens. We went to visit Judith's hens and found an egg in the nest to collect!       






Term 1: 2017:

Room 4 have had a very happy, busy term working on a range of skills. We enjoyed Sensory with Lisa very much this term and are also getting to know our new iPads. The new school swings are lots of fun. Cathy showed us some new Arts and crafts and we loved all the music and stories this term and worked hard to learn new words.







Our students are happy to be back at school and are loving music, sensory activities and the new swing.




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